Top 10 Richest DJs In The World

1. Hardwell – $17 million


DJ Hardwell is 26 years old and was born in the Netherlands. He began DJing in 2006 and has become a big name in progressive and electro-house music. He was headlined at some of the largest music festival in the world such as, “Ultra music festival” and “Tomorrowland”.

2. Skrillex – $28 million


Skrillex has become one of the most mainstream DJs in the world.
His trademark glasses and side-mullet have made him one of the most recognizable figures in electronic music. He has taken home a total of 6 Grammy awards in 2012 and 2013.

3. Kaskade – $35 million


At 43 Kaskade is one of the older and more established DJ’s around, but he can still party like he’s in his 20s. He’s been known to play over 130 shows a year, most notably with his freaks of nature tour. Kaskade has released 10 albums between 2003 and 20013.

4. Afrojack – $40 million


You know you’ve got money when you crash your Ferrari 458 and then tweet a photo of the crash saying “it’s just a car”. At 27 years old, Afrojack has headlined in Las Vegas DJ lineup and played at some of the biggest music festivals. He has also helped put together tracks for big names like Chris Brown and Pitbull.

5. Deadmau5 – $45 million


Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, has been active since 195 and has put out 7 studio albums. Although he’s never won a Grammy, he’s been nominated for 5 as well as countless other awards. Deadmau5 can mix up your house party for cool $200,000, mouse helmet and all.

6. David Guetta – $45 million


David Guetta is another DJ who has been mastering his trade for a very long time. He found mainstream success in 2009 with his studio album “One love”. Guetta has collaborated with some of the top artists in the world like the Black Eyed Peas and Usher.

7. Armin Van Buuren – $50 million


Armin Van Buuren keeps his audience up-to-date with his weekly radio show, a state of trance. The trance legend landed a gig at the coronation of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima in the Netherlands. Van Buuren has released 5 studio albums and has played at some of the biggest music festivals int the world.

8. Avicii – $60 million


At 23, Swedish DJ Avicii is one of the youngest and most wealthy EDM DJ’s in the world. Avicii’s skills were proudly self-taught. He honed his craft by pirating software that he tinkered with at home. He once told Forbes, “You don’t really need anything anymore, you just need your computer”.

9. Calvin Harris – $70 million


That’s rights, Calvin Harris is worth more than some of the biggest pop stars out there. The 29-year-old DJ reportedly charges fees of over $200,000 per the night and plays over 100 shows a year. He also earns from songwriting and producing for singers like Rihanna.

10. Tiesto – $90 million


Tiesto has been around longer than some of the newest DJs on the scene have been alive. He has scored major headlining acts clubs such as Las Vegas Hakkasan Club. Tiesto has put his money to good use, having organized many campaigns and fundraisers for causes like HIV and AIDS research.