Amazing First Ever Flying Car is Coming Soon!


The first flying cars will be available to customers in 2017. Juraj Vaculik – the CEO of company-developer of the AeroMobil revieled this on multimedia conference SXSW in Austin, USA.
The implementation of the airmobile idea is conducted since 1989. Earlier, the media called it the preliminary specifications. The car is planned to be able to drive on ordinary roads, to fly in the air and to be refueled with conventional gasoline. It is announced that the car can reach speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour, and its fuel capacity will allow to fly for more than 500 kilometers. For successful aeromobile’s takeoff, by analogy with the plane, a runway is required.

According to The Verge, now AeroMobil is modifying the model, and it is able not just take off from a perfectly flat and smooth airstrip, but also from the grass. Developers intend to organize essential gas stations and special parking near highways. Juraj Vaculik also explained that operating aeromobile will remain within the existing categories for vehicles and aircrafts. The driver will have to become a certified pilot and obtain a special license.
The first commercial airmobile will be two-seater and equipped with parachutes. Juraj Vaculik didn’t mention the price of the new machine, but said it sertainly would be affordable “for affluent buyers”. The company is holding now a set of tests with different type of engines, shortly followed by crash tests.