10 Unusual Laws From Around The World


Sex toys are illegal in India; those caught selling them can face jail. First-time offenders can receive a 2 year sentence. Repeat offenders risk 5 years jail time.


Hong Kong law allows wives to kill unfaithful husbands. However, they must commit the murder using only their bare hands.


The head of any dead whale found on Britain’s coast legally belongs to the King. The tail belongs to the queen in case she wishes to use the bones to make corsets.


In Milan, it is a legal requirement to smile at all times. Those attending funerals or visiting hospitals are exempt from the law.


Indian students ever 15 risk 6 months jail time & fines for cheating on an exam. In February 2014, 54 cheating students were fined 2,000 rupees each.


In Minnesota, it is illegal for women to impersonate Sants. Those who do run the risk of 30 days jail time.


It is against the law to pee in an elevator in Singapore. Elevators are fitted with Urine Detection Devices triggered by odors, causing doors to lock until the cops arrive.


Idaho is the only state the US to declare cannibalism illegal, carrying a 14-year jail sentence. However, those who ingest flesh or blood in a life or death situation can escape a penalty.


In New York, it is illegal to jump from a building. The penalty for doing so is death.


Dying is illegal in Longyearbyen, Norway. Terminally ill residents are sent to the mainland. Burial is impossible as the ground’s freezing temperature prevents bodies from decomposing.