10 Strange Medication Side Effects

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There are millions of prescription drugs and medication on the market these days. But sometimes the side effects of these pills are worse than the reason you are taking them in the first place. These are some of the weirdest medication side effects.

Rotten Mouth

Tetracycline has been used for fighting bacteria for decades. It’s so powerful that it has found its way as an acne treatment in teens. After a few decades, doctors started noticing that while it did get rid of acne, it also caused discoloration in teeth. The chemical reaction that causes the discoloration happens inside of the tooth, and if the acne treatment is continued, the teeth can go from yellow to a brown, or grey hue. The most effective way to treat the tetracycline stained smile is to replace them with porcelain veneers.

Vanishing Fingerptints

In 2009, a man was stopped at the airport when his fingerprints couldn’t be recorded. It turned out that his cancer medication was causing his fingerprints to vanish. The cancer treatment drug Capecitabine is known to cause swelling in the hands and feet, called hand-foot syndrome. This syndrome can also cause the skin to peel and cause blisters. Though it is rare, this can affect someone’s fingerprints, but after stopping the medication, your fingerprints will go back to normal.

Blue Urine

Hypotension is when someone has abnormally low blood pressure. But your blood pressure is sure to soar when you notice that the blue in the toilet isn’t from your toilet cleaner. There are medications used to treat hypotension that contain methylene blue, and this substance is known to turn urine blue. It’s more likely that the methylene blue will cause your urine to be more of a green when eliminated. Reaching a true blue isn’t as common, but is totally possible.