10 Interesting Facts About eBay


In 2010, a man was prohibited from auctioning a ghost for charity as eBay bans the sale of ‘intangible items’.
Other forbidden items include souls, magic potions, body parts & prayers.


A teenage boy was banned from the internet after bidding $3 million.
He tried to buy a Van Gogh painting, 2 classic cars, a Viking ship & the Canadian Prime Minister’s furniture.


In 2013, a teenager accidentally paid $705 for a photo of an Xbox One rather than the console.
He’d been saving for 1 year when he bought the ‘Photo, Brand New’ for his son.


The most expensive item ever sold is a $168 million ‘Gigayacht’.
The luxury 123m boat has a helicopter garage, cinema, workout root, office & 10 multilevel suites.


In 2005, a woman got revenge on her cheating husband by selling his beloved car on eBay
Within 2 hours she had sold the $45.000 Lotus Esprit Turbo – for 90 cent.


eBay helped discover new species of sea life in 2008.
Scientist Richard Harrington bought an unknown sea urchin & tried to call it ‘Mindarus Ebayici’ – the name got rejected.


James Blunt auctioned his sister on eBay to be flown to Ireland, when she was stranded.
The winning bidder had a helicopter. They started dating & got engaged 3 years later


The first ever item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer in 1995.
It was bought for $14.83 by a man who kept a broken laser pointer collection.


In 2002, NASA had to scavenge eBay for obsolete space ship parts.
The 21st century shuttle still Intel 8086 processors & floppy disk drives used in the 1981 model.


In 2008, as a joke, a couple tried to sell their baby for $1.25, advertising a ‘nearly new baby’.
– their child was taken into care & they were investigated for child trafficking.