10 Facts About Nike


Nike’s swoosh logo was designed for $35 by graphic design student Carolyn Davidson in 1971.
12 years later Nike thanked with 500 Nike stocks, now worth an estimated $643,035.


The “Just Do It” slogan was inspired by killer Gary Gilmore.
His infamous last words before his firing squad execution were “Let’s do it”.


Early Nike shoes were made a waffle iron to create the sole of the trainer.
The design was to help athletes grip running tracks & patented in 1974.


Riots broke out across America in 2011 after a re-release of Air Jordan’s.
Police smashed a car window to save 2 toddlers after their mom abandoned them to buy the shoes.


Their Kanye West trainer Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red October’ sold out in 10 minutes.
The retail price was $245 a pair were sold on eBay for $15,000


A pimp attempted to sue Nike for $100 million after being imprisoned for stomping a man in the head.
He claimed Nuke failed to provide a warning that their shoes could be used as dangerous weapons.


A Nike commercial was the first ever YouTube video to hin a million views.
The 2005 video shows football player Ronaldinho doing a reality-defying crossbar challenge.


Nike patented an “automatic lacing system” in 2010 that can open & close shoes straps using a motor unit.
They claim the Back to the Future shoes will arrive in 2015.


Nike made a commercial translating a Samburu tribesman as saying “Lust Do It” in this native Language.
They didn’t think anyone would realise the tribesman actually says “I don’t want these, give me big shoes”.


Michael Jordan earned more annually for endorsing Nike…
… that the collective 30,000 Indonesian workers who made the shoes.