10 Amazing And Crazy Japanese Inventions

1. Face Slimmer


Japan has a plethora of devices designed to tone your face & decrease wrinkling. Originally thought to be a gag, the face slimmer costs about $83 in online stores. The device allegedly slims the face and must be used for three minutes per day.

2. Necomimi


A headband with a brain wave sensor that detects thoughts and emotions of the user. The motorized cat ears respond to the user’s mental state and move accordingly. A set of ears typically go for $99,95 and can be bought online or at conventions.

3. Motoman SD10


The Motoman SD10 is a dual armed robot designed to cook Japanese pancakes. Developed by Toyo Riki Co., the robot weighs 480 lbs. and stands 4,5 feet tall. It is designed to work independently alongside humans in the workplace.

4. Capsule Hotel


The first capsule hotel was opened in Osaka in 1979, offering cheap accommodations. Amenities differ by location, but most capsules are 6ft. by 3ft. by 4ft. & include T.V. Goings rates for a night’s stay are between $25 to $50 dollars per unit in Japan.

5. Easy Butter Former


Metex in Japan has solved the butter spreading issue once and for all. The straightforward device allows butter to be left at room temperature prior to use. With a simple turn, the butter is grated and easily spreads onto food items.

6. Vending Machine Dress


A Japanese garment designer created a skirt that turns into a disguise. A woman could potentially blend in with surrounding vending machines to hide. While it looks like a vending machine from the front, it might not fool attackers.

7. Cupman


The Cupman is designed to lie snugly across your cup of noodles while they cook. It is intended to keep the heat and ensure the noodles are fully cooked. He also changes color in three minutes to alert the user that the food is ready.

8. Female Lap Pillow


The Female Lap Pillow launched in the mid-2000s & was easily dismissed as a gag. Tourists in Japan can obtain a Lap Pillow at one of many duty free shops. Originally intended to help lonely men, it has gained popularity with everyone.

9. Thumb Extender


Phone & Tablet screens have gotten a lot larger, but human thumbs have not. Thanko’s thumb extender gives a thumb 15 millimeters of extra reach for $13,56. The fake thumb comes with a precision knob to make browsing easier.

10. Square Watermelons


Square Watermelons are in boxes to ensure they maintain their shape. They weigh about 13 pounds, are harvested before they are ripe & are mostly inedible. They are sold in high-end stores and cost $100 per decorative watermelon.