World’s 10 Bizarre Christmas Traditions

Caganer Man, Spain


Way to make the nativity scene super awkward! In Spain, in the Catalonian area, the Catalonians depict the scene including a figure of the Caganer a man taking a number 2 often seen smoking a pipe simultaneously. The meaning behind it goes in many directions. Some say it is a symbol of fertility and was placed in the scene to bring luck, prosperity and joy to the coming year. Others say that it is a sign of equality that no matter who you are race, gender or status, that we all have needs like the Caganer.

La Befana, Italy


11 day after Christmas, on January 5th, a witch who appears old named La Befana flies by on her broomstick and delivers even more gifts and sweets to children who have been good all year. Story goes that the witch turned down the opportunity offered by the three wise men to visit the baby Jesus. Feeling guilty, she now travels the world endlessly giving presents to children for all eternity.