Top 10 Most Expensive Video Games In History


Year after year, all technologies develop rapidly. Video games cease to be fun for the elite and become a mass product. To satisfy the customers, developers use the latest development – the advanced graphics engines, the most realistic physics model and advanced management system. This top-list consists of games with the biggest budget in the history of the gaming industry. Most of them are at all on hearing, and some have already been forgotten.

Meet ten the most expensive games!

Deadpool, 2013: $102,10,246


This game sees marvel’s Deadpool kidnap game designers & force them to make a video game about himself.
Deadpool received mixed reviews – it contains lots of fart jokes.

Halo MMO, 2007: $103,243,337


Codenamed ‘Project Titan’, this game didn’t even make it to the shelves & was scrapped after 3 years.
It was Microsoft’s expensive attempt to complete with World of Warcraft.