8 of The Most Dangerous Beaches of The World

Staithes beach, Yorkshire


It may not be the warmest beach, but staithes beach in the UK is well known for its surfing. However, the group ‘surfers against sewage’ have declared it one of the worst beaches in Europe. According to the marine conservation society the water is so polluted, it fails to meet basic European standards for bathing sports. Runoffs from farmers’ fields appear to be the cause. While it hasn’t been declassified, few people actually swim there; most of the activities consist of surfing and paddle sports.

Hanakapiai beach, Hawaii


If someone wants to enjoy this picturesque location, they must first hike two miles along the Kalalau trail, along Kauai’s Na Pali coast. Hanakapiai beach is one of the most beautiful in Hawaii, but it’s also rather remote; there are no lifeguards stationed here. While the water may appear calm and tranquil, powerful rip currents have been known to pull swimmers out to sea. If pulled out, the closest shore area that’s safe is nearly six miles away. At least 83 people have drowned over the years by underestimating the waves.