10 Wonderful And Breathtaking Places In The World


4. Zhangye Danxia landform geological park, China



In Gansu Province, lies the most unusual steep cliffs displaying jewel tone colors in rock formations and its the result or red sandstone and mineral deposits that have been laid down for the last 24 million years. About 100 million years ago, there was a huge internal basin. Water was carrying here from the surrounding silt. Then the basin went dry, as a result of global high temperatures. Thanks to arid conditions, sediment started to oxidize and became the color of rust.

The red layer, that was 3,700 meters thick, formed in the basin about 70 million years ago. Its also known, as the chalk bed. At the top was a solid layer, which was 1,300 meters thick. This layer gradually formed Danxia Mountain peaks in the Cretaceous period. According to scientists, the mountains Zhangye Danxia continue changing and grow to this day, for 10 000 years, they are higher by about 87 centimeters. The mountains were included in UNESCO World Heritage List, making them more popular among foreign tourists from around the world. Now you can see laid wooden walkway and organized safe viewing platforms, so that everyone could feel part of this unearthly beauty created by nature itself.